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Hwy 62 Art tours

Last weekend I was finally able to attend the Hwy 62 Art Tours! Visiting Michael Fagan and his wife was a particular treat since his work with clay has similarities with mine. This method of firing with a metal lid gave me some good ideas. His studio was the most interesting one of the whole tour. It was made out of a wooden frame with stacked hay-bale walls and covered with a thin layer of adobe. The dirt floor and small windows gave it an idyllic atmosphere of peaceful contemplation.

Mark Doolittle had some exceptional pieces with carved wood with inset ammonites. His use of negative space and showcasing beautiful wooden patterns was fascinating. Across the "street" was this amazing dwelling built by his brother.

Paul and Kathi Klopfenstein, Bill Dahl and Nichole Vikdal at site 22 were a delightful stop as well. They were so welcoming and interesting to talk with. Nichole's use of minerals in her glazes with such randomized patterns appearing during the firing process is just fantastic.

I ended at the Noah Purifoy museum too tired to do more than chat with the docents there. Another day, I will walk through the sculptures at a leisurely pace and properly digest what is there!

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