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About the artist

Elisabeth Fredericks Pollnow’s art borders between three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms working out themes found in the natural world. Her background of living in remote areas of North Dakota and Alaska give her a deep sense of connection to nature which reflects in all of her work. After moving to Southern California, her work has expanded to explore themes related to the beautiful desert nearby.

Elisabeth has been an assistant and studio manager for the renowned sculptor Christopher Slatoff since 2012. She has collaborated on several large-scale sculpture projects such as the “Enduring Heroes” sculpture in Pasadena, the “Hecuba” project for USC, and "St. Elizabeth Seton" for the University of Oklahoma. She recently completed a solo commission for "St. Clare of Assisi" for St. Francis of Assisi High School. She also participated in the "Nature of Sculpture II" at the Los Angeles Arboretum.


Elisabeth has a BA in art from Evangel University. She has exhibited in Pasadena, San Fernando and the Morongo Valley. She is a currently a member of the California Art Club, the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, and Twenty-nine Palms Artist Guild.

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